What is your reason for blogging? Why?

I ask this many times in myself, why do I want to blog? A year ago my boss starts to blog because he likes it very much and he started to research on how starts a
blogging site and later he encourages us also. That time he shared with us the different story of different successful blogger who earns in blogging. Yah that’s right! Earning real money, there blogging site generates income for them. Those stories are really amazing especially the figure of the amount that they earn because of blogging.

So, what is your reason for blogging? Maybe it simply because they want to share their personal thoughts, their love story, everyday activity, the talents they have in writing or the love of blogging or maybe others find it as job or source of income.

For me blogging is passion. Why? Because I do believe whatever reason that we have in blogging, sharing of information or earning income is not important the important thing is we do this because we want it and we love what we are doing. How about you? What is your reason for blogging? 


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