Angelica Jane Yap “Pastillas Girl” and Her Bittersweet Story

Pastillas Girl and her bittersweet story in social media went viral early this month. Angelica Jane Yap, the woman behind the famous “pastillas” video. The story of bittersweet heartbreak of a young woman.

Pastillas Girl. Credit to: Angelica Jane Yap Social Media account.
Pastillas Girl went famous after her “Pastillas” short story uploaded in the internet. The social media phenomenon gives her an opportunity to call people’s attention. In one way or another, many viewers can relate or experienced the same, and while others finds it entertaining, seeing her reactions in giving direction of “How to make Pastillas?”, online user dubbed it as “Bittersweet Pastillas”.

Angelica Jane Yap, 21, once visited the set of “It’s Showtime”, a noontime show from ABS-CBN. In the segment “Madam Bertud” known for giving advice to the people having different personal problems especially for heartache problems like with Angelica “Pastillas Girl”.

Pastillas Girl shared the real life experienced that she recently went through from her former boyfriend. Angelica’s boyfriend left her and the rest is history in the viral video of Pastillas Girl.

Watch the video below: (Warning: profan!ty language contain)
Video Credit: Youtube/Angelica Jane Yap

Watch the video in Madam Bertud segment.
Video Credit: Youtube/ABS-CBN Entertainment

Sometimes doing something intentionally or unintentionally you will find the peace, the forgiveness that you are looking for. Like the story of Pastillas Girl, because of the Bittersweet Pastillas video uploaded in the internet, it ends in giving forgiveness.


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