Halloween Makeup: Simple and Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Looking for a simple and easy Halloween makeup tutorial? Well, this article is for you! Apply a creepy Halloween zombie makeup using only your household materials.

You don’t need to be expert in applying a latex materials or be a makeup artist. With this simple everyday household material and easy steps, you can achieve a creepy confident Halloween makeup and be ready for your Halloween party.

The picture below is the result of my first try of doing this easy Halloween Makeup tutorial by the very gorgeous and pretty Yali.
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Simple and Easy Halloween Zombie Makeup.
Image Credit: To my Canon Powershot digital camera

Learning is fun! Watch the video below and follow the step by step procedure from Yali Zada video tutorial to start you Zombie makeup tutorial. Prepare the following household materials, toilet paper, Elmer’s glue, normal makeup.

Halloween Makeup: Simple and Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial
Video Credit: YouTube/Yali Zada

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DISCLAIMER: I use only ordinary make up products that are compliant with the FDA regulations. I cannot guarantee that a reaction may not occur. Kindly make a patch test if you are unsure or if you having trouble in using makeup.


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