Kim and Maja dance-face-off turn to wardrobe malfunction in ASAP19

Kim Chiu’s video from the dance-face-off with Maja Salvador in ASAP 2014 is now getting viral in social media. Watch Maja and Kim Chiu’s video in ASAP19 July 27, 2014 episode.

Image Credit: Kim Chiu FB account

The video shows how tough their performance and something happens during Kim’s part of the presentation. Some people notice the wardrobe malfunction of Kim Chui. The video shows clearly that Kim’s is being conscious with her clothes on the next part of their performance.

Aside from Kim Chiu’s wardrobe malfunction in ASAP some people focus on Kim and Maja’s issue. Different comments regarding their performances and sometimes they connects the issue about the past relationship of Kim and Gerald.

Watch the video below of Maja and Kim dance face-off in ASAP19.

Kim Chiu dance-face-off with Maja in ASAP19 last Sunday. Credit: ASAP

Watch Kim's dance number in ASAP19. Credit ASAP

Kim Chiu's dance number in ASAP last sunday. Credit ASAP

The video provided or streaming in this article was already removed due to the availability of the source link/video.
Post updated as of October 6, 2017


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