VIDEO: Maui Taylor “Lip Swak” Performance Turn to Wardrobe Malfunction in Showtime

Maui Taylor’s video from the Lip Swak segment in Showtime is now getting viral in social media. Watch Maui Taylor’s video in “It’s Showtime Na” October 1, 2015 episode.

Maui Taylor. Image Credit: ABS-CBN

Maui’s performance in the Lip Swak segment in “It’s Showtime Na”, somethings happens during the presentation. Some people notice the wardrobe malfunction of Maui Taylor while performing her song-dance number, performing Katy Perry's hit 'California Girls' where the theme setup is applying for a Visa in the immigration. The video shows clearly that Maui is being conscious and catch up immediately with her clothes on the next part of the scene.

Maui Taylor in Lip Swak segment. Image Credit: @itsShowtimena

According to Maui, she was nervous before and during her performance. We all knew that Maui is from a long break in the show business.

Meanwhile, here are some of the tweets from different netizen right after Maui’s Lip Swak performance.

Watch the video below of Maui Taylor in Showtime.

Video Credit: Youtube/Showtime/ABS-CBN/MPN Network


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