No Bra Day! Real or Not?

No Bra Day on October 13, 2013, according to the information circulating around the web and social networking sites. The said activity is supposed to be in support of *breast* Cancer patient. No Bra Day! Definitely a new thing for the Filipinos, the question is, are they ready?

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No Bra Day, October 13, 2013. Image Credit: Internet/Owner
According to the information provided on the internet, the “No Bra Day” is promoting the *breast* Cancer awareness, and considering the month of October is the *breast* Cancer Awareness month.

Whether the “No Bra Day” is real or not, we all knew that the Filipinos are very supportive and maybe this kind of activity is not yet acceptable in our community. Filipinos are very certain to the culture and values that the Filipinas are still conservative nowadays.

On the other hand, there are several feedback over the web regarding the “No Bra Day” event. Some of them saying that “man was only created this day event”, while others “it feels good of not wearing bra”, and “…no bra no problem”.

Meanwhile, a men’s magazine “FHM” authors an article on how to encourage ladies not to wear her Bra on “No Bra Day” without sounding like a pervert.

Below are the things to say to make a girl go *braless* on “No Bra Day!” (Credited to FHM Philippines).
  • "Girl, pang-international ka"
  • "Girl, it's refreshing"
  • "Girl, pang-chikahan 'to"
  • "Girl, flaunt it because you have it"
  • "Girl, size doesn't matter"
  • "Girl, you're a star"
  • "Girl, it's for a good cause"


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