Halalan 2013: Latest updates on Halalan 2013 with Android App

The 2013 elections is now more getting fascinating with the use of technology, a new gateway to the domain of mobile application for public access and latest updates on Halalan 2013 through mobile phones, tablets and other related gadgets.

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Image Credit: COMELEC/ABS-CBN 
 (screen grab from my Samsung Galaxy y)

The mobile application “COMELEC Halalan 2013” contains voter’s personal information such as registrations status, eligibility for elections and even locating of precinct or the voter polling place.

The COMELEC Halalan 2013 Android App was powered by ABS-CBN, the mobile application is easy to use and free to install. Were the user also provides other information and news related to the coming 2013 Philippine elections, as stated on its description. 

Being the text capital of the world, the Filipinos are more active and willing to embraced the used of mobile technology.

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After the recent Philippine Presidential Election and Vice-Presidential election the Philippines implemented full automation of elections in 2010. Commission of Elections (COMELEC) implemented full automation of elections, pursuant to Republic Act 9369.

 “An act authorizing the Commission on Elections to use an Automated Election System in the May 11, 1998 National or Local Elections and in subsequent National And Local Electoral Exercises”

As of now the mobile app is divided into four main menus, Halalan 101, My Status, News and BMPM.

Below is the COMELEC Halalan 2013 mobile application for us to get more intouch and latest updates on Halalan 2013 (Philippine Election 2013).

To download application click here.


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Cris Monde said...

Very cool and helpful app. By the help of this, we can now see the latest and updated election result. Good job for the developer of this app! :D