Singing kid in Puregold Clark Pampanga

Have you heard the singing kid in Puregold Clark Pampanga? The boy’s name is Arjohn Gilbert, that’s what I’ve heard. I’m not good in singing, but I do believe this kid has a talent in singing. I think some guys who visited Puregold Clark
 Pampanga took this video. He sells flute for a living, he offers them to buy and suddenly they ask the boy to sing. These guys amazed with the voice of the singing kid and decided to record it while his singing. The singing kid sings a few lines from the song of Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars plus a short beat box. Please see his video in Youtube, visit Youtube and search for “singing kid in puregold clark (original upload)”.

Singing kid in Puregold Clark Pampanga
Image Credit: Youtube

Maybe one of these days someone will give this kid a chance to show the world of his real talent. As of the moment the views of this video is almost 110k and its still counting, video uploaded last July 31, 2011. Good luck to you Gilbert. Singing kid in Puregold Clark Pampanga.

Singing kid in Puregold Clark Pampanga


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