Batmobile: The only real turbine powered car

Have you seen the bat signal? Every time the bat signal is light-up in the sky the Gotham City is in trouble. Well, most of the time in Batman movies after seeing the bat signal the next scene
will be fast moving black car, which is the "Batmobile", and of course every time when Batman is in pursuit of the villains.

Casey Putsch Batmobile
Image Credit: Putsch Racing

From the comics up to the big screen, Batman Batmobile had the most advanced car in every movie generation. It's stylish and cool black design up to the latest technology of communication, weaponry and accessories transformation.

The question, is there a real Batmobile?

According to Putsch Racing, his personal Batmobile has a military-spec Boeing turbine engine culled from a drone helicopter and inspired from the 1989 Michael Keaton film version, and he calls it the world’s only real Batmobile(in a very powerful and loud argument: a turbine engine).

Casey Putsch rebuilt the engine himself and took five months to build and made with racing car parts and military surplus.

Well, getting our childhood dreams into reality or by making other people as our inspiration it depends on us how to make a difference.

Batmobile: The only real turbine powered car


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