Pinoy Taxi Driver Returns $300,000 in Las Vegas

A Filipino taxi driver is now being honor of fellow Filipinos here and abroad, Gerardo Gamboa is the Vegas cab driver returns forgotten $300,000 cash in the back seat.

Vegas cab driver finds $300k, Gerardo Gamboa.
Image Credit: John Getter / NBC News
Gerardo Gamboa, 55, drives an old Toyota Corolla is very proud for being honest and want to show not all Las Vegas cab driver are the same despite of bad publicity issue regarding Vegas cabbie.

Pinoy taxi driver returns a whopping $300,000 cash in Las Vegas, as soon as Gamboa found the bag with stockpile of $100 bills in six $50,000 bundles he called the dispatcher immediately and never lured with the huge amount of money.

According to Gamboa, the Vegas cab driver:
“I don’t care from $10 to higher. My dignity is not for sale, and that’s the way I am. That’s the way our parents taught us when I was a kid.”“All I wanted to do was just call my dispatcher and return it, and this is the only chance I have to show cab drivers in Las Vegas are not bad people.” [h/t]

"Ginawa ko yun dahil unang-una, ang mga Las Vegas taxi driver maraming bad publicity. Yung masyadong dini-disrespect kaya gusto ko namang i-build up ang Las Vegas cab driver na hindi lahat. Ngayon, pagdating naman sa atin, gusto ko namang i-build up yung image nating mga Pilipino na mayroon tayong malinis na puso." [h/t]

Gamboa receives lots praises from his community, the Vegas cab driver rewarded by YCS cab company and named “Driver of the Year”.


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