Food Chain Directory: Batangas Delivery Updated

Hungry and no time to prepare your meal, just dial these numbers and have your orders delivered to you. Batangas delivery food chains directory and other known restaurants in the city is compiled in this post for customer easy access.

F BAYLOSIS Delivery, Jollibee Batangas Delivery, McDonald Batangas Delivery, Hungry Hippo Batangas Delivery, KFC Batangas Delivery, Yellow Cab Delivery, Shakeys Pizza Delivery,
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Numbers provided below are based on personal compilation of the author and still accessible as of this writing, if you find any incorrect and non-accessible numbers provided below please make a comment.

New numbers are added for more information.

House of the best Crispy Pata and Chicken
G C Berverabe Subd., Batangas City
Tel. No. 706-2088, 722-0690


Jollibee Delivery

Jollibee Batangas Delivery new centralized Number
Tel. No. 300-8700

Jollibee Batangas Delivery
Jollibee P. Burgos St. Batangas City
Tel. No. 723-4014, 723-1615

Jollibee Caedo Commercial Center, Calicanto, Batangas City
Tel. No. 723-6548, 723-6549

McDonalds Delivery

McDonald Batangas Delivery new number
Tel. No. 778-6236 (Lipa City only)

McDonalds Batangas Delivery
McDonalds P. Burgos St. Batangas City
Tel. No. 723-7059

McDonalds SM City Batangas
Tel. No. 722-2222, 723-1689

Hungry Hippo Delivery

Hungry Hippo Batangas Delivery
Hungry Hippo UB Arcade, Hilltop, Batangas City
Tel. No. 723-3389, 300-5505

KFC Delivery
KFC Batangas Delivery
KFC SM City Batangas
Tel. No. 783-4929

KFC Delivery P. Burgos, Batangas
Tel. No. 723-8877

Yellow Cab Pizza Delivery

Yellow Cab Pizza Batangas Delivery
Yellow Cab SM City Batangas
Tel. No. 723-2222

Shakeys Pizza Delivery

Shakeys Pizza Batangas Delivery
Shakeys Pallocan Batangas City (Shakeys SM City Batangas City (in Front))
Tel. No. 723-7777


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