Tetris Battle Tips and Tricks

Playing Tetris battle on Facebook is my newest past time while on holiday vacation. I just want to share with you the Tetris Battle Tips and Tricks.

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Sometimes after reading the game instruction we forgot how to play the game well, and for you to understand how to win fast on Facebook Tetris Battle here are the Tips and Tricks.

Facebook Tetris Battle Tips and Tricks:

Beginner Level
Hard Drop and Soft Drop
As your game improves and you begin to pay attention to the Tetriminos in your Next Queue, you might find yourself getting a little ipatient waiting for the piece to fall. You have two options to speed up the game--the Soft Drop and the Hard Drop--and they're both really easy to do.

The Soft Drop is performed by pressing the DOWN Arrow key--the Tetrimino will fall much faster that usual while you hold down the key, but as soon as you let go the piece will resume its normal pace. You retain complete control over the piece while doing a Soft Drop.

The Hard Drop is much less forgiving--hit the Space Bar to cause the Tetrimino to fall straight down, forgoing any further opportunity to move it. The Hard Drop is great for timed games where your goal is to get pieces into positions as quickly as possible. Pay Attention to the Ghost Piece ot help you see where the Tetrimino will fall, and don't press the space bar until you're ready!

Clearing Lines
Fill in multiple lines at once for bonus points. Drop Tetriminos so that there is a gap at least two squares deep, then drop a J-Tetrimino or L-Tetrimino to clear two lines at once.

Intermediate Level
The Hold Queue
Ever get a Tetrimino that you just don’t know what to do with? Take care of the problem by using the Hold Queue-the place to stash a Tetrimino that you can’t find a good place for. The Hold Queue is the circle next to the upper-left corner of the Matrix. When you begin a game, the Hold Queue is empty; to put a Tetrimino into it, press the SHIFT key. That piece will jump into the Hold Queue and the next Tetrimino in the Next Queue will begin to fall. The next time you hit the SHIFT key, the piece that is falling currently will be replaced by the piece in the Hold Queue.

When the action gets really fast, you can also use the Hold Queue to buy yourself a little time. If you can’t find a place for the Tetrimino that’s falling, wait until it falls most of the way down, then swap it out for the Tetrimino in the Hold Queue, which will begin its descent at the top of the Matrix.

The Next Queue
The concept of the Next Queue is simple enough: as you play, you can see the next Tetrimino that will fall. But with so much else to pay attention to, the hard part is actually putting the Next Queue to good use.

There are two basic ways to get value out of the Next Queue. The first is to see which Tetrimino immediately follows the one that is currently falling. Knowing that, you can make better decisions about where to drop the current one. Or, you may see that the Tetrimino in the Hold Queue would work better with the next Tetrimino to drop.

The other way to make use of the Next Queue is to watch it for critical pieces, such as I-Tetriminos for Tetrises and T-Tetriminos for T-Spins. If you’ve set up a big point-getter such as one of these, you need to know how many Tetriminos will fall before you can perform the payoff move.

The Ghost Piece
Glimpse into the future with the Ghost Piece, the shaded representation of where the current Tetrimino will land if you don’t move it.

The Ghost Piece can also be deceiving. It will show you only where a Tetrimino will go if it falls straight down and stops. But because you can continue to move Tetriminos side-to-side after they land, you may be able to squeeze into a space that the Ghost Piece never showed you. This goes especially for T-Spins, where the Ghost Piece will never display the final resting spot of a T-Tetrimino.

Advanced Level
The Tetris Style
The Solid line system in Tetris rewards clearing more than one line at a time. Clearing three lines is worth more than clearing two. So clearing four lines at a time, known as getting a Tetris, is worth a tremendous amount of Solid lines, and is one of the most important strategic concepts to know.

Leave a one-square-wide gap on the side of the Matrix to prepare for a Tetris. Build up Tetriminos on the opposite side of the gap to avoid blocking the gap. Don’t drop the I-Tetrimino into the gap until you have at least four complete lines built up in your stack.

The T-Spin Style
To perform a T-Spin, you must first create a T-Tetrimino-shaped hole in the Matrix (called a T-Slot) with one extra block hanging over one side of it.

As the T-Tetrimino falls, turn it so that it is upright and so the cross of the T faces away from the overhanging block above the T-Slot. As the Tetrimino comes to rest inside the T-Slot, turn it toward the open space under the block.

The Combo Style
You can send a barrage of Solid Lines with Combos by performing simple line clears with every consecutive Tetrimino that falls. For every Tetrimino that drops that creates a Line Clear, you’ll send additional bonus Solid Lines.

It’s best to set up a Combo a couple rows from one side, such as with the third and fourth or seventh and eight columns. Stack Tetriminos neatly to each side as high as you can. When you can’t go any higher, start dropping Tetriminos into the gap. Because every Tetrimino is at least two squares wide except for the I-Tetrimino, you’ll clear a line with every drop. Don’t worry about packing in the Tetriminos into the gap-open spaces are just opportunities for longer combo chains.

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(Tips and Tricks Source: Facebook Tetris Battle Apps)

Tetris Battle Tips and Tricks


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