Most Advance Submarine is now operational

The most advanced submarine first of two Singapore’s has been declared operational after extensive testing. The RSS Archer has been put into action after it was launched in Sweden two years ago.

Most advanced submarine is now operational, RSS Archer, Singapore Navy
RSS Archer, Most Advance Submarine
Image Credit: Republic of Singapore navey
According to several news sites, the RSS Archer was declared operational as a warship of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) by the Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen at Changi Naval Base.

It also stated that the Archer-class submarines, fitted with the Air Independent Propulsion and advanced sonar systems, were stealthier than their predecessors, the ageing Challenger-class submarines.

Dr. Ng said that the submarine will be used to “build confidence with other militaries” and strengthen cooperation in the region for multilateral submarine rescue.

For the meantime, the second Archer-class submarine, RSS Swordsman, is still in Sweden undergoing sea trials and will sail to Singapore with no definite time.

Most Advance Submarine is now operational


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