Online Poker , Online Game and Online Account Security Tips

Are you secured online? How safe you are? Hacking can happen to anyone the one using computer at home is much lesser risk, but make it sure you apply the necessary security patches
from the developer of your operating system. Playing online poker is not easy as you can see like other online gaming. Here are my simple steps to keep you safe while playing online poker and even online games.

Online Poker Account Security
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Never, ever give out you user ID / Account login and password to anyone. Remember, GMs will never ask your account details especially your password.

Always remember your password and never put it in a piece of paper as much as possible memorize it. Make a password that will easy for you to remember, but hard for other to guess. 

Change your password on a regular basis, dot it weekly or monthly or if you think that your password is already compromised change it immediately.

Avoid using password from the dictionary or words that will describe your personality or related to your personal information like mothers birth date, your birth date, girlfriend/boyfriend nick name etc. Instead, use combination from it like letters and numbers, mixed uppercase and lower case.

As much as possible your online poker, online game, online account password is not the same with your email account.

Update your anti-virus regularly. This will also help.

Ignorance is no excuse, it's the real thing.


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