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Hi guys! Here is the updated post of iPhone 5 Rumored Features which I write it in details.
These are the compiled rumors about the features of upcoming iPhone 5 by Steve Hemmerstoffer from www(dot)nowhereelse(dot)fr. iPhone 5 rumors features are better camera, bigger screen and no more home button.

iPhone 5
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% - percent to happen

Better Camera – 50%

The iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5Mpx digital camera, the iPhone 5 could include a 8Mpx digital camera or more.

Without Home Button – 20%
The home button could disappear with the iPhone5. Touch sensitive controls or button transferred on one of the edges, the rumor doesn’t say much more.

Bigger Screen – 80%
It is extremely likely that the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen, the diagonal could be between 4 and 5 inches.

Better Resolution – 40%
Wider, the screen of the iPhone 5 could also have a better resolution.

Same Design – 60%
The iPhone 5 is likely to visually look like the iPhone 4. Brushed metal could however replace the glass on the back side.

New Design – 40%
The design of the iPhone 5 could also be inspired by the iPad 2 which would mean a reduced thickness and a metallic back side with rounded off edges.

White Models – 100%
It is course highly possible that the iPhone 5 will be available in white.

Physical Keyboard – 0%
A rumor announced for many years that the iPhone will one day be equipped with a physical sliding keyboard.

64Gb Models – 50%
On the other hand, the 64Go model could be available.

Full HD Video Recording – 30%
The iPhone 5 camera could also be able to record 1080p FULL HD videos.

No more storage – 50%
Whether it is for the standard iPhone 5 or possible low cost models, the future iPhones would not include internal memory storage.

3D Display – 10%
Just like some mobiles, with or without glasses, the screen of the iPhone 5 could handle the 3D display.

CDMA Model – 100%
As it is already the case for the CDMA iPhone 4, an iPhone 5 model equipped eith CDMA chip is highly possible.

Better Battery – 20%
The battery of the iPhone 5 could have a better autonomy but it will probably keep the dame length as the iPhone 4.

R-UIM Microcards compatibility – 20%
Other option, a CDMA model compatible with microSIM UICC R-UIM is possible.

NFC Technology – 80%
Whether it is to pay of to get access to your Apple accounts from any Mac, the iPhone 5 could include the NFC technology.

Two SIM card tray – 0%
The iPhone 5 could be equipped with 2 SIM card slots to allow the use of 2 cards simultaneously.

A5 Processor – 100%
Revealed at the iPad 2 launching, the iPhone 5 should be the next to have a A5 processor

HDMI Output – 60%
Just like the iPad 2, the iPhone 5 dock connector could be used, thanks to an adapter, as a HDMI output with 1080p HD support.

More RAM – 60%
The iPhone 4 has 512Mo RAM, the iPhone 5 could include 1Go RAM.

4G / LTE Support – 50%
The iPhone 5 could be declined in a version compatible with the 4G / LTE network standards.

iTunes Cloud – 60%
The significant increase of Apple network infrastructure could show that the brand is on the verge of launching a Cloud version of iTunes or a better Mobile Me.

Enhanced Voice Controls – 60%
With the new iOS 5, the existing voice controls could be enhanced and new ones added.

iOS 5 Launch – 90%
Apple could use the presentation of the iPhone 5 as an occasion to unveil the iOS 5 that would be available on the release day of the iPhone 5.


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