Boracay Island Water Sports and White Beach

Welcome to Boracay Island Philippines. The tropical island is well-known in the world because of its famous White Beach as you can see. White Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches
around the world, that’s why Boracay Island is one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines and making name in Water Sports. In fact, Boracay is one of the competitive venues for Asian Windsurfing Tour and last January 2010 the Boracay International Funboard cup competition held in Bulabog Beach. 

Boracay Island Water Sports
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Famous Water Sports in Boracay are windsurfing, kite-boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving and the beach relaxation. And of course the life when the moon shines, Boracay offers wide range of bars, nightclubs, disco pub and restaurant. Lots of experienced are waiting on Boracay Island and for your next destination make in number one in your list. You can look for lots of special airfare offers for your Boracay vacation. See you there! 


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